Code of Behaviour

School Philosophy

All our pupils at St. Patrick’s Senior school will be encouraged to reach their full potential cognitively, physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially, in an atmosphere and environment in which they feel safe, valued and secure and in which respect for self and others is the norm.
The Teaching Staff, conscious of the need for a positive working environment, will encourage the involvement of the wider school community in the achievement of these ends through a ‘whole school’ approach whereby every individual is involved in the development of a school environment where each person is respected and valued.


The aims of the code of behaviour are:
– To allow the school to function in an orderly and harmonious way
– To enhance the learning environment so that children can make progress in all aspects of their development
– To create an atmosphere of respect, tolerance and consideration for others
– To promote positive behaviour and self-discipline, recognising the differences between children, and the need to accommodate these differences
– To ensure the safety and well-being of all members of the school community
– To assist parents and pupils in understanding the systems and procedures that form part of the Code of Behaviour and to seek their co-operation in the application of these procedures
– To ensure that the system of rules, rewards, and sanctions are implemented in a fair and consistent manner

Role of the School

Children expect that the school will be:
– Safe
– Happy
– Suited to their learning style
– Encouraging and supportive
– Affirming children of all abilities
– Able to deal with bullying

Your fellow students expect that you will:
– Not bully them
– Show acceptance and respect for their differing personalities
– Never insult or belittle them because of differences
– Respect their property
– Listen to them and acknowledge them
– Share equipment and resources with them
– Allow them to be part of the group
– Speak to them with courtesy and respect

Interaction between Staff and Pupils

Every effort will be made by all members of staff to adopt a positive approach to the management of behaviour in St. Patrick’s Senior National School. The code of behaviour offers a framework within which positive techniques of motivation and encouragement are utilised by the teaching staff. Conscious that a high standard of behaviour requires a strong sense of community within the school, the staff will strive to have a high level of co-operation between school, pupils and parents. When unacceptable behaviour occurs, the following strategies may be used to show disapproval:
– Reasoning with the pupil
– Reprimand (including advice on how to improve)
– Temporary separation from peers
– Loss of privileges
– Detention during a break
– Prescribing additional work
– Referral to principal
– Communication with parents
– Daily and/or weekly report
– Writing an account of inappropriate behaviour to be signed by parent/s
– Suspension (temporary)
In all cases of persistent misbehaviour, parents will be involved at an early stage, rather than as a last resort.

Our parents can expect that there will be:
– A safe and happy environment for their children
– Recognition and provision for the individual differences of pupils
– Support for pupils who need it
– Fairness and consistency in the way pupils are dealt with
– An atmosphere of support and inclusion
– Contact at an early stage when problems arise
– A willingness to listen to their viewpoint
– Suggestions and support when problems arise

Our Teachers expect that there will be:
– Mutual support and encouragement
– Co-operation to achieve the aims and objectives of the school
– A fair and consistent implementation of the school code of behaviour
– A consistent approach to dealing with pupils who need intervention outside normal boundaries
– An atmosphere that encourages professional development and a willingness to learn and change

Role of Parents

The school expects that you will:
– Be familiar with the various policies and codes of the school and the expectations of staff regarding pupil behaviour
– Show support for teachers in the implementation of the school’s behaviour policy
– Support your child in his/her school work
– Ensure the punctuality and regular attendance of your child
– Ensure that your child has necessary school materials
– Ensure your child has a positive attitude to and abides by the school and class rules
– Never undermine the authority of the school or teachers
– Promote respect for teachers and other school personnel
– Give an emergency contact number
– Be available to discuss problems which may arise
– Your children expect that you will:
– Look after their basic needs
– Be interested in, support, praise and encourage their work in school
– Show fairness
– Other parents expect that you will:
– Support the school in implementing its code of behaviour
– Encourage your child to engage with others in a positive way

Role of Children

The school expects that you will:
– Attend school regularly and not miss days without good reason
– Arrive on time
– Not leave during the day without permission
– Respect all school property
– Wear the school uniform
– Show respect for yourself and others
– Avoid swearing, fighting or name calling
– Listen to messages given and do as requested
– Participate in school activities
– Move quietly around the school and avoid causing disturbance
– Keep the school tidy and litter-free
– Your teacher expects that you will:
– Show him/her courtesy and respect
– Accept his/her authority and responsibility and his/her right to teach and impose sanctions on those who behave badly
– Do your homework carefully and completely
– Listen when others are talking
– Avoid distracting behaviour
– Participate in all class activities
– Follow the rules drawn up by your class


Consultation will take place with the following members of the school community prior to ratification of the Code of Behaviour by the Board of Management:
– Teaching staff
– Board of Management
– Parents’ Association
Following ratification the Students’ Council will meet with the Principal and the relevant sections of this policy will be discussed with them.

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Reviewed by Staff: February 2013

Sanctioned by the Board of Management : February 2013

Policy due for Review: February 2018*
(or sooner if legislation dictates)

*The Code of Behaviour will be regularly reviewed in light of its operation and in response to changing legislation.