Mobile phone policy

Policy on Use of Mobile Phones and other Recording devices

Acceptable Usage Policy:
Mobile phones are intrusive, inconvenient and distracting in a school situation. In addition to the inconvenience, mobile phones are a potential and real source of bullying and abuse through text messaging and through the dissemination of inappropriate images.

It is school policy to ban the use of mobile phones in any way or for any purpose by pupils in the school during school hours or while participating in any school related activities. All communication devices are also strictly prohibited.

Essential contact with home can be facilitated through the school.

Where a parent deems it necessary for reasons of security etc that his/her child takes a mobile phone to school, the pupil must ensure that the phone is turned off and out of sight during school hours.
Liability for the safe-keeping of any phone brought into school remains that of the owner.

If a phone rings or is used in any fashion during school hours it will be confiscated and retained by the class teacher until the end of the school day on the first occasion. If this happens a second time the phone will be retained in the Principal’s office until collected by a Parent/Guardian. For Health & Safety reasons, parents will be informed in advance of their child’s departure from the school where a phone needs to be retained.

The use of mobile phones without the prior permission of the teacher or any recording device, during school hours, or while participating in any school related activities will be treated as a serious breach of school discipline.

In the event of any unsuitable recording occurring all interested parties will be requested to present themselves to the school.

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Reviewed by Staff: February 2013

Sanctioned by the Board of Management: February 2013

Policy due for Review: February 2018*
(*or sooner if legislation dictates)