Parents’ Association

The Parents’ Association is made up of parents of children from 3rd to 6th class. Our aim is to provide a structure through which the parents and the school can work together to create the best possible school experience for the children.

Over the years the Parents’ Association has been involved in many projects such as upgrading and re-opening the school library, working with Microsoft to upgrade the school’s IT system (still ongoing), starting new activities such as the weekly Golden Time and annual Funday. In 2012 we introduced a very successful sports action week which we plan to repeat on yearly basis. Many classes are offered the opportunity to do some gardening and we also organise the 6th class Graduation ceremony as well as funding a number of other school events. We invite speakers to give talks on topical issues to both the children and their parents, as appropriate, eg Internet Safety, Bullying. This year we are committed to replacing the toilet facilities in the classrooms.  We will be holding various fund raising events throughout the year and very much appreciate your support with these.

It goes without saying that in order to continue all our work we need your help! Being on the Committee involves attending one meeting a month and being part of a project or task as your time allows. Whether you are working at home or outside the home, please try to find some time to join us. If you feel you could not find time to the being on the Committee, please at least consider putting your name down as a helper to lend a hand with various events throughout the year. If you want to help in any way please contact any of the PA members for more information.