School Tour


The annual school tour is considered to be an important part of each year’s work, affording our pupils valuable opportunities of exploring new places and new topics. Interacting with each other and with tour guides etc. will also be an important part of the day.

Class teachers will decide on age appropriate tours. Every child in the class is encouraged to participate. Every effort will be made to ensure a variety of tours. A list of tours for classes is available and a record of tours is always kept. The approval of the Principal must be sought prior to booking a tour and the Principal in turn will request the approval of the Board of Management before final ratification.

Tour Content

Tours will be of educational value. A variety of activities will be included. The fun element of the day is considered very important.
A limit will be put on spending money. Each teacher will decide on the appropriate amount for his/her class.

Coach Hire

A reputable firm will be engaged for all trips.
It is the school’s policy to only use companies whose coaches have individual seat belts installed.
Certificates / confirmation of insurance are expected to be made available to the teacher for inspection if requested.


The Board of Management will cover the insurance. They will be informed of the details of the trip and it will be recorded in the minutes of the Board of Management.

Conduct on Tours

Pupil’s behaviour on school tours will comply with the standard set out in the school’s Code of Behaviour, Discipline Policy and Mobile Phone Policy. Where it is felt by the school that a child’s behaviour would pose a safety risk or inhibit the educational benefit for self or others, the child in question may be refused permission to travel. This decision will only be taken following consultation with the school Principal.

Safety and Supervision

Teachers will be extra vigilant when taking children out of the school. Special attention will be paid to road safety, behaviour on the bus and risks posed by particular venues.
Each venue will be specifically asked if they have insurance at the time of booking. All buses/coaches used must comply with current legislation and proof of same will be sought.
Adult help will be sought according to the age and number of children travelling. All in charge will take every precaution that health and safety are a priority. Any adults assisting on tours will have to have been previously garda vetted in line with current legislation.

Informing Parents/Guardians

Teachers will ensure that parents are given sufficient notice of:
– Itinerary and timetable
– Cost
– Special clothing necessary
– Packed lunch if necessary
– Spending money allowed
Parents/Guardians will be required to sign a permission slip before any child is allowed to go on the school tour (find printable form below).


No pupil will be deprived of the opportunity to participate in his/her class tour because of financial difficulties. The school will help out any pupil who has difficulty affording the tour. Any help will be given discreetly and sensitively, please contact the school Principal re same.
The Board of Management will be informed of all school tours.

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Click School Tour Policy for printable version

Click School Outing – School Tour Permission Form to download Permission Form

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Reviewed by Staff: February 2013

Sanctioned by the Board of Management: February 2013

Policy due for Review: February 2018*
(*or sooner if legislation dictates)