STEM Week 2018

STEM Week 2018

STEM week started on Monday 5th March when a lady called Rachel came to our school from the Amber Institute in Trinity College. She gave a talk about Nanotechnology. We learned all about microscopes and she told us about a 3 million euro microscope in her job that is so powerful that you can use it to watch your fingernail grow! After this talk the talk 6th classes did an electricity workshop with Rachel. We used wires, batteries and miniature light bulbs to make circuits.  We attached the wires to the batteries but we had to make sure that the positive and negative sides of the batteries and light bulbs were on the right sides in the end we all knew how to make the circuits. Some 3rd, 4th and 5th Classes did workshops where they learned to build balloon rockets!

On Tuesday a woman came in and taught us all about the heart. Her name was Alison and we learned a lot. We learned why it is important to keep the heart healthy and how pictures can be taken of the heart to see if there is anything wrong with it. It was also the day for the third and sixth class science fairs.

Wednesday was engineering day. In the morning a man called Duncan from Seimens Healthcare came to our school. He brought some really cool lasers and other things. He taught us about why engineering is cool and why engineering is involved in almost everything! The 4th classes did their science fair presentation today. In the afternoon a man called Liam from DCU came to our school. He taught us all about the life of an engineer. He told us a lot about the internet and what makes the internet work.

On Thursday all the 5th classes had their science fair. After little break W5 came from Belfast and showed us some really interesting and fun experiments. They showed us about gravity, movement and mixing different chemicals. They also had a stunt chicken!            

On Friday it was the final of the science fair. This time there were a few projects from each class level on show. It was really interesting to see all of the different ideas that people came up with. After the science fair Gordon from DIT did a really cool show about the Science of Superheroes. He showed us some amazing experiments that explained how different super powers work. Such as, an experiment using mirrors. He placed four mirrors the same distance apart and when he placed his hand in between the second and third mirrors his hand became invisible!

The science fair was great. Everyone had a great time especially while working with their friends and getting to present their projects to the judges and the TY students. Five TY students came in and helped the school science team to judge and even before science week they showed us how to do and present a science project with Ms. Fahy. During science week the TY students and also did workshops with lots of classes and we had the chance to do cool experiments like making water filters, chromatography and osmosis!

We had a fantastic week!

By Abigail, Andrea, Brooke and Sajeela (6th Class)