Supervision policy

In accordance with the Department of Education and Science guidelines, the Staff of St Patrick’s Senior National School undertakes the supervision of all our pupils when they are on the school premises, during school time and / or on school activities / outings.

The school opens to receive pupils from 8.50am and the official class finish time is 2.30pm. The school accepts no responsibility for children on the premises outside these hours.

Accordingly, it is the responsibility of all teachers individually and collectively to provide a duty of care at all times towards our pupils in the school including periods of supervision.

Responsibility for our pupils going out to the yard remains with the class teacher until it has been established that the teacher on yard duty is in situ. The teachers on yard duty are responsible until the class teacher has resumed duty. On outdoor duty three members of staff shall supervise yard.

Teachers will do duty on a rota basis. This rota shall be prepared weekly by the Deputy Principal. A copy of the rota will be supplied to the Board of Management. When wet duty occurs all teachers on duty shall supervise the areas in which they are based according to the written rota in the designated area. In the other areas, supervision shall be carried out by the teachers in that section. The most senior teacher on duty shall determine whether children go to the yard. When a decision has been made to remain inside this decision should not be changed.

Supervision in “Sick Bay”

In the event of an accident or where a child becomes sick, a teacher on yard duty will bring in the child to the teacher on inside duty (as per rota) who supervises the child and implements the school policy as necessary i.e. child is handed back over to teacher or a parent is phoned to collect the child as appropriate. The floating teacher resumes yard duty.

In the event of a head injury the teacher on sick bay requests that the secretary makes a call home as per school policy and a note is sent to the class teacher re same.

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Reviewed by Staff: February 2013

Sanctioned by the Board of Management: February 2013

Policy due for Review: February 2018*
(*or sooner if legislation dictates)