Wheelchair Basketball

A few weeks ago we got the privilege (as a class) to play wheelchair basketball for most people’s first time. When we got to the community centre we saw a bunch of cool wheelchairs. They taught us a few key rules of wheelchair basketball. Then they let us get in the wheelchairs and practise moving around. We had a wheelchair race and Sean won all the races. Finally we split into four teams and played a game. We were all bashing into each other and crashing into the walls. It was a tough game, but so much fun!

I think it was a good experience and I recommend it 5 stars out of 5.
A couple of weeks ago I participated in wheelchair basketball

It was super fun and the coaches were very friendly straight away they were getting us in the chairs and letting us test them out they also taught us some of the things about the chair.

We played a match. The boy who actually played on a team beat us by a mile. I soon realised just how much upper body strength it required even just to play 10 minutes of it. They let some of the spectators play and altogether there were only 2 points scored out of the hour we played and that goes to show how hard this sport is, which is why I admire the professional players so much.

This was definitely an experience to treasure and I 100% recommend it as a learning experience as well as some fun!