Yellow Flag

St. Patrick’s Senior School has been taking part in The Yellow Flag Programme since September 2016. We have been working hard to promote diversity and inclusion in our school community by setting up our Diversity Committee and Yellow Flag noticeboards. We carried out an Intercultural Review, which involved staff, students and parents completing a survey. As a result, we were able to identify the different cultures represented by our school community and the classes enjoyed completing projects and learning about the various cultures. Our Show Racism the Red Card Action Day was a great success with the support of parents. We celebrated Friendship Week and helped to raise money for Amnesty International. The children took part in a Diversity Code Competition and we also held a Intercultural Day, among other events.

We achieved our Yellow Flag status in June 2016 and we are looking forward to attending the Yellow Flag Awards in Spring 2018.

The Yellow Flag Programme provides a practical series of 8 steps that brings issues of interculturalism, equality and diversity into the whole-school programme and allows schools to apply them to the day to day running of the school. It works with students, staff, management, parents and wider community groups so that issues of diversity and equality are not merely seen as “school subjects” but can be understood and taken outside the school setting into everyone’s personal lives.

In parallel with the Green Schools, the Yellow Flag programme is an award scheme, therefore; on completing these steps, and being assessed externally, the school is awarded its “Yellow Flag” in recognition of its work in promoting diversity & inclusion. The award is publicised locally, and the school can fly its flag with pride and use the logo on its official correspondence.

Steps of the Yellow Flag Programme:

Step 1: Getting Started, Keeping track and promoting the schools of Yellow Flag Work

Step 2: The Diversity Committee

Step 3: Intercultural Awareness Training

Step 4: The Intercultural Review

Step 5: The Action Plan

Step 6: Going beyond the School Walls: Engaging with Parents and the Community

Step 7: Curriculum Work

Step 8: Diversity Code, Diversity Statement and Policy Review

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